Qidian Brings Universities into the 21st Century


In the past universities and other esteemed institutions of higher education have enjoyed their rightful position of prestige that buffered them from having to worry about survival. As new competitors, such as for-profit colleges and online options, emerge, new legislation is passed, and most importantly an increasingly large segment of the population doubts the fundamental mission of higher education, colleges have had to reconsider their strategy. While the primary mission of colleges is and should remain the creation of intellectually outstanding citizens, no longer can these institutions ignore the weight of job-preparation in making decisions about higher education. Simply put, colleges have to begin to understand and advertise labor market outcomes in order to survive. 


Instead of asking faculty and administrators to add more work to their busy schedules, universities interested in restoring their competitive advantage must turn to outside experts to assist them with this new mandate. Qidian understands the challenges that modern academic institutions face and provides unqiue solutions tailored for the individual needs of institutions. We can help by offering advanced labor market analytics, effective and professional distribution of this data to the public, internal and external research capabilities and our world-class Millennial expertise. 


Qidian also has the sensitivity required to make the relationship work: Dr. Wallace Walrod, a long-time economist and expert in the labor market, also has a long history of working with colleges and other institutions of higher education. In a market where multifaceted experience matters, and insights from different perspectives cannot be ignored, the broad perspective that Qidian brings to the table will change the way colleges look at how they prepare students for jobs. 

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