Build your Career in a Day

"The labor market is very strong, so let’s strike while the iron is hot. Otherwise, it would be several months before I     could work with young people who need help. The idea is to create a high performing cohort of young professional to matriculate through this career development program together, make great networking contacts, and receive the     support and friendship needed during this transition."

- Julie LaCroix


These workshops will be small group format, semi-private, and led by career counselor Julie LaCroix.  They are intensive, and focused on clarifying a career direction, and writing it up in a resume.


The cost for each set of 2 workshops is only $550 with a $50 materials (binder, curriculum and assessments), an incredible reduction from my the industry standard rates for a career counselor of $150/session.



WORKSHOP #1 – FIND A CAREER IN A DAY (2/19, 9am – 2pm)

Create a career direction

Matching major/experiences to occupations

Full battery of assessments (skills, knowledge, interests, MBTI)

Occupation narrowing and selection




            Skills matching to occupations           

       The right way to build your resume        

      Why you need to make a cover letter      

         Learn how to communicate value         


--- BONUS:  One month free of labor market analytics  ---




All workshops will be held near UC Irvine in Research Park at the following address:



5151 California Street

Irvine, CA 92617


Please confirm your attendance ASAP, as there is high demand for this workshop and seating is limited to 12. Please send your confirmation in the dialogue box below.


Please send a check for $600 for Julie's time, materials and other costs to:


Qidian, Inc. 

5151 California Ave.

Suite 100

Irvine, CA, 92617


There will be 2 more follow-on workshops the following 2 Fridays, focused on Job Searching and Interview Prep/Salary/Negotiations.



This is an incredible 2 day commitment that will change the course of your career forever.