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"Everyone is vying for your generation’s attention. You’re not easy to reach, by the way.  Perhaps Millennial is overused, but so is “aging Baby Boomers.” If I were you, I’d take the label “Millennial” as a compliment. When a generation is named, it’s usually because society has anointed them as our future. I’m expecting great things from you, Millennials." - Bill Marriott, Executive Chairman of Marriott International


Businesses are under pressure to get the most out of their talent. Millennials have the talent but are often difficult to manage. Older managers are often taken aback by the erratic behaviors young workers display, such as changing jobs with little second-thought, values that are often very different from their own, and even off-putting behavior like not following up on emails or being too busy following up on social media during meetings. 


Millennials are an HR problem, and that's why we provide an HR solution with Millennial expertise. Qidian was born from Millennials - co-founder Petersen Walrod is a Millennial; many of our contributors were Millennials as well. Our expertise, based on deep Millennial participation in Qidian mixed with our classic rigorous research-based approach, will help you take the mystery out of Millennials and help design HR and management systems that makes young people work more effectively in your company.


Qidian helps businesses know what young people value, how they approach work, why they struggle so much with teamwork, and identify special talents they have that you can leverage for you company that you might have overlooked. 


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