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Get that job you have been searching for. We are here to help you wherever you are trying to go. Get individualized attention and assistance through our coaching sessions.

New Grads

Format: Individual consultation at The Vine, the center of OC's tech scene

Duration: 1 Hour

It's tough applying all the hard work and study to the real world of jobs. Let us help you give employers the roar and show them what you got!  


Format: Individual consultation at The Vine, the center of OC's tech scene

Duration: 1 Hour

Finding the next job is almost as difficult as finding the first one. You don't just want to find another job - you want to find the beginning of your career. For you, we go beyond just the resume and look at where you can find that "fit". 

Degree #2

Format: Individual consultation at The Vine, the center of OC's tech scene

Duration: 1 Hour

The average salary of graduates with that next degree is indeed higher than those without. However, you want to intentionally get this degree, not just to stay in school for 5 more years. Build a resume for the job. 

Not just Keywords

Most resume services focus on keywords, formatting and using "action verbs". As if that is enough to help you build a career! Resume problems are symptoms of deeper career issues. Our focus does remain on getting that resume right, but that is just as much about unleashing your potential and understanding your career identity as getting the wording right. 


Labor Market Analysis

Here's a little secret. If you don't have the right skills, and if you don't use the right language for your target occupations, 

employers are not going to see how good of a worker you are. Let use use our $10,000 labor market software to give you the "small skills", language and target companies to make a job-search work. Don't just be satisfied with the opinion of a resume coach about what keywords are good. Learn, from statistical analysis, what you need to have on your resume. 


A Tasty Value Prop

The body of your resume, the activities, roles and skills that were all a part of your job experiences, is the meat in your resume burger. We work with you to make sure that they line up with what you really did while looking shiny and great. This will also help you with your resume. We can talk with you about these past experiences to tease out why you were so special and so effective as a worker. 


Do I need Resume Help?

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Pricing varies between $75 and $125 an hour. You are paying for the time of our career coaches, who have been extensively trained by our National Career Development Association (NCDA) certified Master Career Counselor Julie LaCroix, as well as for assistance from our real-time labor market data aggregation software from Burning Glass. 


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