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You dream big but now you are worried that those dreams might fail. You may know the next step but you don't know the next next step. You are intelligent and capable but you just can't get your foot in the door. Does this sound like you? Join Qidian today! Over the course of a few months you will get career advisement from a personal, trusted advisor. Backing this advisor up are CareerFit's labor-market specialists. Basically, we are going to work together to build your career. At the end of your process you will have a strategy and a support network for the future. Abraham Lincoln once said "whatever you are, be a good one". if you are ready to be a good one, or maybe a great one, this is the place for you!


Our individually tailored process will:


Optimize signalling: construct your interview responses and resume so it communicate your specific talents to employers

Job Search Help: do the work for you finding relevant companies and job opportunities

Align Career Thinking with Core Competencies: find out how your true talent determines the competitive advantage you hold relative to peers in the labor market

Trusted Adviser: for issues that come up on a week-to-week basis, your CareerFit connection will always do what you want first

Stimulate Thought: often times young people just need to have a conversation to stimulate their own thought about careers, and they will do the rest

Provide an Outside perspective: often times clients have a "blindside" which prevents them from achieving their ambition. Your deep relationship with the coach will allow the coach to see what you can't see. 

Develop a career strategy: the most important of all, which encapsulates the other ways we add value. We want to figure out what the best way for you is to maximize what you are actually good at while finding a career that not only achieves the goals you have for it but also engages your passion. 

Labor Market Data and Analysis: our state-of-the-art labor market database gives us a powerful tool to guide career decisions

Connecting with Experts: connect with experts in your current field or fields you are interested in learning more about



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