Excel at College and Career
  • Use big-data research to make intelligent career choices

  • Discover your child's possibilities based on scientific analysis

  • Use the combination of in-born talent and labor market demand to determine major, and thus career, choices


5151 California Avenue, Irvine 92617 at The Vine


October 14th 





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The choice of college and major is the single most important event in the early career development period of young adults. Yet more often than not, very little thought is put into either the implications for career or the fit for the adolescent's personality and unique strengths. This class will leave you with a little more intelligence on how to make this choice. 

Instructors and Curriculum Designers

Petersen Donald Walrod

President of Qidian, Inc., economic researcher, certified NCDA Scholar

Kim Ngan

Founder of Excel Generation, certified NLP coach, psychology B.A. at UCI

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