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Career Guidance 2.0

What is career stewardship? It is the active and conscious application of best career practices. Today's labor market offers a unique combination of opportunities and challenges. The winners will be the people who know how to help themselves.

Here's a secret: people spend 60% or more of their job-search time applying to jobs online. They do it because it is easy, not because it works. It turns out that less than 40% of jobs are filled through online applications!
Intelligence and Inspiration


At Qidian we have refreshed the stale human-resource and career guidance system with academic rigor and youthful vigor. We provide a relevant and intelligent service that targets the real problems that young people face entering the labor market.


We understand these problems better than anyone else. Our exhaustive search for answers has led us to HR departments, online job boards, college career counselors and even industrial designers for answers. Everyone had part of the answer, but no one saw the whole picture... except us. Learn more about our story here!


Navigate the American Labor Market


Navigating the labor market has never been more complicated. We provide the data, the analysis, and the human touch to guide career decisions, improve labor market outcomes for companies, and develop a better understanding of the labor market for educational institutions.


Qidian's unique approach, whether it be career coaching or consulting, is to combine rigorous theoretical approaches with personability to create common-sense services that actually add value to the individual situation. Our comprehensive and high-quality approach will allow you to do more and worry less.


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