Bing Shao (China)

Bing Shao demonstrates how Qidian can help in a way that is very powerful and unique to our service. The client had a great job but was experiencing not only nagging discontent about her future, but also, distracting Visa and American cultural challenges she understood would limit her upward development. Our rigorous career development platform, which included challenging the client to think like the professionals she aspires to be, and labor market analysis and helped client refine goals. Our state of the art cultural training and Visa advisement services demonstrated immediate results for the client’s social interactions and even securing the coveted H1-B Visa. The client is now highly motivated at her job, has a much more clear vision of her career and what she values for it, and has reported improving communication with peers and her boss.

Note that Bing Shao is an alter ego due to the sensitive nature of her current employment.


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