Meet the Labor Market

We have a shiny new toy to play with.

Right now, when you are applying for a job, you can only move vertically or horizontally. Finding a job at say, Walmart, isn’t hard – you go to the corporate site and you apply. You can continue to move horizontally to find jobs in the service industry with a lot of time and effort spent – but you will have to sort through every service industry job that you don’t want until you find an okay option.

You might also search vertically – you find the skill or job function you want and then look for it across companies. Of course, there will be a lot of openings in companies you have no interests in, in regions you don’t want to move to, and across levels of seniority.

You are interested in a market research position in the finance sector, but you also want to use your international relations background. You cannot search by these criteria conventionally – you would have to either dive deep into an industry that has a majority of positions that are unavailable to you, or you would have to delve through openings that are in industries of little interest

Qidian has a new solution that allows you to move horizontally – across both skills and industries at the same time. The international relations major can search for market research positions in the finance sector, which narrows the number of job openings from 28,966 to 2,470 openings. Already you have moved from a decent level of specificity to a level of focus that is unimaginable in conventional searches. You also have a comprehensive search across job-boards – something no search engine is currently capable of doing.

But you can tighten the screws even more and improve the focus. This is an entry-level job so let’s sort out all jobs that are not entry-level. Now we are at 927 job openings – the 927 entry-level market research positions in the finance industry in the United States.

That’s pretty damn specific. We are already at a level that would make a comprehensive job-search possible – you could look through all of these positions and choose a handful that are interesting.

Or we could narrow the focus even further, to the microscopic level. This individual also has an international relations background, remember. Let’s add that to the search…

We are now at 2 job positions. There are 2 open entry-level market-research job positions in the finance industry in the United States that require international relations skills.

Let’s appreciate that – we have discovered the only 2 positions in the entire country that fulfill the exact criteria that this client wants. If these positions are not interesting for whatever reason, we can change the criteria. We can re-calibrate the search to other industries, other positions, other skill-sets. We can loosen the screws, swing the microscope in a different direction and re-focus – we could conjure up another minuscule set tailored for a specific strength of this individual.

If the individual has a wide set of opportunities, we can consider factors like salary, location, education level required, employer, size of company and even the environmental consciousness of the company.

If you want to find the exact open positions that are right for you, or you just want to play with the labor market, contact Petersen Walrod at


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