Data-Driven Career Coaching

How we work has changed. The leaders of companies no longer are interested in posh-sounding degrees from top schools. They want workers they know can make a difference, rather than workers they fear they will have to spoon feed.

You don’t have to be a programmer to demonstrate what you are made of to companies. You do need some information though. What do companies want? How will they use your skills? These are the questions that you will need to answer. These are the questions you will need to answer with DATA.

Objectivity is Recession-proof. Knowing what is actually happening is a luxury that the vast majority of talented job-seekers don’t have access to. We use data to decide which teams are most likely to win the World Series, we use data to decide what can of soup to buy, why don’t we use data to decide what jobs to apply for?

Data-driven career coaching is the application of objective data to the career questions that so many people have. Emotional support and cliches are nice, but knowing what is actually happening is more important. What is the point of applying to a bad labor market when there is probably a good labor market to apply to? What if a labor market is not favorable for a passive job-search - are you going to want to be passively applying online? Will you even know the difference?

It is possible to use big-data to answer these questions. Navigating the labor market with intelligence can make up the gap, allowing a job-seeker to beat the odds and succeed. Almost half of college grads who got jobs began by investigating their career centers, the most rudimentary source of intelligence possible (if you are still in college, you owe it to yourself to check out your career center).

If you want to get somewhere it is not a good idea to walk blind. You need eyes. Data are the eyes of the modern world. Data-driven career coaching is the first kind of service that takes the blindfold off of young people who are beginning their careers.

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